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Prenuptial (antenuptial) and postnuptial agreements in Minnesota are often valuable to individuals who have assets they want to protect prior to or post getting married. In order to remain enforceable, prenuptial and postnuptial agreement lawyers must present an agreement that is substantively fair, and executed in a procedurally fair manner. 

If you are in need of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, then our legal team is ready to help. When working with our law firm, you will have an experienced attorney who is easily accessible, patient, tech savvy and efficient so that you can save on attorney costs. We offer free consultations to help you determine what your next steps need to be.

The Benefits Of Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements

Prenups and Postnups are contracts between two soon to be spouses or a recently married couple. Both prenuptial and postnuptial agreements can serve an important role in establishing couples’ rights and expectations. Prenups and Postnups are particularly effective at:

  • Determining if a spouse will be entitled to alimony.
  • Establishing which property is non marital.
  • Explaining how property division will be established.
  • Saving money in the event of divorce.
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Enforceability of Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

For a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement to be enforceable in Minnesota, there are a couple of rules that need to be followed. The first rule is the document must be substantively fair. The second rule is the document must have been executed in a procedurally fair manner.

  • Substantively Fair: To determine if an agreement is substantively fair, the court will explore the fairness of the agreement by evaluating if the parties find themselves in a situation where they were coerced into agreeing to. 
  • Procedurally Fair Manner: The court will determine procedural fairness by evaluating if each member of the agreement had the opportunity to consult with a prenuptial and postnuptial attorney.
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